Covid-19 Re-opening help and support

Are you Thinking about re-opening the workplace

This guidance will assist employers, businesses, and their staff in re-opening safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) and as the lockdown is softened. Acton Health and Safety understand that employers and businesses may have concerns about how they can re-open for business...
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Fire Safety in the Health and Social Care Sector 

Fire safety is important in all sectors, but especially so in the Health and Social Care Sector where you may have a number of individuals with mobility issues who are unable to vacate the premises by themselves. Prevention is without doubt the best course of action, however...
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Self-assessment for Health and Safety in small businesses

Do you shudder when you hear the phrase Health and Safety? For many the very idea immediately brings with it feelings of anxiety and fear. Not only does the responsibility weigh heavy on the mind of most business owners, but the seeming minefield of dos and don’ts often feels much too difficult to traverse. However,...
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