Acton E-Docs

Access Edoc System

In the busy modern era of business, we face a never-ending need for compliance inspection and paperwork for SME’s this tends to be paper based which means it is time consuming to organize manage and maintain.

The Acton e-doc system will automatically organise documents, it will prompt when documents are needed to be completed and remove the need of paper which let’s face it is a major concern of todays society to the current demise of the environment.

Acton e-docs systems helps to safeguard people and businesses in providing robust Health and Safety Software.

Acton e-docs systems will allow you to keep your process as you do not need to fit to Acton e-docs systems as Acton e-docs systems is designed to fit to your process.

Acton e-docs systems helps creates a strong culture of compliant working practices, leading to reduced risks, lower costs and reduces LTI (Lost Time Injury).

Acton e-docs systems gives you the tools to achieve legal compliance, reducing conviction risk, and potentially reducing insurance premiums.

Acton e-docs systems allows access via login and password through its portal platform from mobile phone, tablet or desktop, engaging people and building the health and safety culture.

Acton e-docs systems is an online Health and Safety Software which means organisations can reduce risk and enhance compliance across multiple sites – saving precious resources and giving control and visibility, in real time.  Giving your staff simple access to web-based data gives power to teams to share information more effectively, reducing duplication of effort and encouraging a stronger safety culture.